Otogizoushi scratch build: 1/6 Mansairaku スクラッチモデル お伽草子 万歳楽

This is a fan sculpture of Mansairaku, a character from the anime Otogizoushi, directed by Mizuho Nishikubo. Pose based on a scene from anime episode 4.I really like this anime. I thought the first 13 episodes were better though. This is a fan sculpture, not for sale. Sculpting time was November 2008 – December 2008 and painted in September 2009. I start off my making a wire armature and add paper tape for bulk. I think these press mold are designed for only a very thin wire armature, but by doing that, areas like the main body will use a lot more polymer clay. So I tried to bulk up the polymer clay with a bit more of an armature. This proved to be difficult, and the mold halves will not fit into each other as well. I am use the Patrica Rose Orlando press mold. You can see that the face was changed greatly from the original. I worked about 10 hours on it. Once I finished the face, I baked the whole sculpture in my Deni convection oven. I am using prosculpt original color for this sculpture. I ended up using 2 whole bars. I worked on the left foot next.  I think I ended up sculpting the foot too big. I was using a lot of prosculpt smoothing oil and a brush to blend the raw clay into the baked clay. I have two brushes, one for final smoothing and one for a rougher smoothing.I roll tiny strips of prosculpt to do the sandals  Next I did Mansairaku’s pants. I used a lot of tin foil and tape to bulk up the pants so that I did not have to use so much prosculpt. I did the entire left leg first and then moved on to the right. I might have over done it with the pant pleats. The last three pictures were taken after baking. I really did not sand the sculpture around the way. So the pants are uneven. Next I worked on the shirt. I really liked working with prosculpt. It was fairly easy to sculpt the clothes on top of the figure. Here are some different angles of the shirt. I remember I had some problems with the neck area. It was nice to use the press mold body to get started with this sculpture, but It made things difficult as well, because the press mold did not have anime proportions.   Mansairaku is starting to look very burnt. My Deni convection oven is only about 15″ wide and his is around 12″. His hand was very close to the heating element. I think I should have sculpted his legs longer, but I was running out of room in my oven.  You can see some baking cracks starting to develop. Here I work on the sleeves. The sleeve was closed at first and then once I got the shape, I split it open with the hobby knife. I removed the tape before baking so that it would not be stuck there. I actually baked the sleeve unattached to the main sculpture. But the sleeve ended up cracking so repaired it with fixit it sculpte. Fixit paste is alright to bake in the oven.  It might bubble if you bake it before it cures, as magic sculpt behaves like this. But once you sand off the bubbles, baking is a great way to speed up the curing.I work on the other sleeve. This one I baked attached to the sculpture.So far everything is sculpted now except the hair. I opted to not sculpt the left hand and pretend that it is inside the sleeve. I feel unsure of this proportions. I think the legs are definitely too short. First I rolled the clay to a point and added it to the head. Then I made some indents with the clay shaper flat chisel that was dipped in prosculpt smoothing oil. In some places I added many grooves with a fine tooth comb.Then I added more indents with hobby knife. Then I used the clay shaper again to deepen those grooves. I used a brush with prosculpt smoothing oil to smooth everything together. I sculpt the front bow with fixit sculpt. I also fixed some of the baking cracks with it.I sculpt the back of the hair. After all the baking, I repair all the cracks with fixit sculpt. I finished sculpting at the end of 2008 but I waited a long time to paint. I was just starting to work with Artisan water mixable oils and finally painted Mansairaku in Septemer 2009. I painted a base coat of acrylics first.

Completed Pictures


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